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PhD Theses in Medication Review and Drug Related Problems

2016: Maes Karen Alexandra. Pharmacists' documentation of interventions in seamless care : PharmDISC edoc

2016: Messerli Markus.
Clinical pharmacy services and evaluation of medicines use: the case of the Swiss polymedication check edoc

2015: Kaufmann Carole.
Identification of risks for drug-related problems edoc

Eichenberger Patrick. Pharmaceutical Care Practice - Drug-related problems and opportunities for new services

2008: Gehler Gaby. Drug donations in Tanzania - Stakeholders' perception and knowledge

2006: Indermitte Jörg. Potential Drug Interactions – Exposure and management in Hospital and ambulatory settings

2005: Botomino Andrea. Diabetes screening and Health Promotion - Evaluation of a pharmacy based campaign and of related activities

2005: Zehnder Simon. Azneimittelinformationen für Apotheker und Patienten - Analyse der Anforderungen, des Angebots, der Nutzung und der Rolle des Internets