Aktuelle Masterarbeitsthemen der Forschungsgruppe Biopharmazie
Current Master's Theses-Projects of the Research Group in Biopharmacy


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MSc PharmazieMSc Drug SciencesBemerkungen

No longer available
Studies on the role of drug transporters in drug-herb interactions

Anima Schäferjanein
No longer available
Impact of the drug transporter OATP2B1 in physiology and pharmacokinetics
Dr. Janine Hussnerjaja
No longer available
In vitro investigations of drug-drug interactions
Dr. Karin Brechtjanein

No longer available
Role of polymorphisms in depression susceptibility and therapeutic response - candidate genotyping in patients under antidepressant therapy

Celine Stäublejanein
In vitro evaluation of delivery systems for the treatment of chronic diabetic wounds in the homecare settingProf. Georgios ImanidisjajaFHNW, Muttenz
Prozessoptimierung eines pharmazeutischen Herstellungsprozesses Monika Matucza-SzovanjaneinAcino Pharma AG, Liesberg