Aktuelle Masterarbeitsthemen der Forschungsgruppe Molekulare Pharmazie
Current Master's Theses-Projects of the Research Group in Molecular Pharmacy


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MSc PharmazieMSc Drug SciencesBemerkungen
Development of a new class of radiopharmaceuticals for diagnosis and therapy of CXCR4-expressing malignancies  Prof. Daniel RicklinjajaCollaboration with Universitätsspital Basel
Project description
Evaluation of physiological or therapeutic immune modulators of the complement/coagulation system.Dr. Richard Pouwjaja
Novel Anti-Inflammatories: Identification of Selectin Antagonists by a Dynamic Combinatorial Chemistry ApproachProf. em. Beat Ernstjajapreferred MSc Drug Sciences
DC-SIGN Antagonists to Block the Viral Entry to Dendritic CellsDr. Jonathan Cramer
jajapreferred MSc Drug Sciences

Establishment and validation of a Mannan-induced psoriasis arthritis-like disease model in mice

Prof. Daniel RicklinneinjaMasterthesis with Idorsia; first contact Prof. Daniel Ricklin

Protein engineering for the development of inhibitors of host defense pathway initiation.

Kevin Widmerjaja

Design, synthesis and evaluation of carbohydrate-based modulators of host defense activation or regulation.

Dr. Rachel Heveyjaja
Preparation of protein-based targets and modulators of the innate immune system and their evaluation in bioassays.Dr. Said Rabbanijaja
Removal of autoantibodies against glycans - Biological and biophysical characterization of autoantibody-glycopolymer complexes
Butrint AliujajaCollaboration with University Start-up Polyneuron Pharmaceuticals AG;
first contact Prof. Daniel Ricklin and Pascal Hänggi
Beyond anti-glycan autoantibody removal - In vivo and in vitro assessment of the immune modulatory potential of glycopolymers for the treatment of autoimmune diseasesDr. Emilie SeydouxjajaCollaboration with University Start-up Polyneuron Pharmaceuticals AG;
first contact Prof. Daniel Ricklin and Pascal Hänggi
no longer available
Discovery and evaluation of novel complement inhibitors using phage-display library screening and peptide synthesis.
Dr. Christina Lamersjaja
no longer available
Development of peptide-based strategies for host cell/biomaterial protection and targeting.
Clément Bechtlerjanein
no longer available
Evaluation and Summarization Praktikum
PD Dr. Oliver Schwardtjaja