Aktuelle Masterarbeitsthemen der Forschungsgruppe Pharmazeutische Technologie
Current Master's Theses-Projects of the Research Group in Pharmaceutical Technology


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MSc PharmazieMSc Drug SciencesBemerkungen
Optimizing novel non-viral gene delivery vectorsJens Casperjaja
Cell derived materials for design of drug delivery systemsDr. Tomaz Einfaltjaja
Lipid modified FCC formulation for CyclosporineDr. Gabriela Québattejaja
Galenische Entwicklung für neue NaturkosmetikaKatharina PostjajaWeleda AG, Arlesheim
Entwicklung neuer Pflanzenextrakte für KosmetikprodukteKatharina PostjajaWeleda AG, Arlesheim
Controlled drug release from liposomes by nano-second pulse electric field simulationProf. Dr. Hiroaki ShinoharajajaUniversity of Toyama, Japan
Development of microgel beads for drug printingTaketoshi KurookajajaUniversity of Toyama, Japan

Identify possible synergies between certain UV filters and emulsifiers

The efficacy of a sunscreen depends primarily on the composition of the UV filters contained in the products. However, it was shown that the sun protection factor (SPF) may vary between two sunscreens containing the same UV filter system but differing in other aspects of the preparation. This implies that further factors also impact the photoprotection afforded by the product, such as the formulation excipients. 

In the thesis, the effect of different emulsifiers on the UV performance of the product shall be investigated. To this purpose, sunscreen formulations differing in their emulsifying system will be prepared and evaluated in respect of their UV performance including the in vitro measurement of the SPF and UVA protection factor (UVA-PF). The homogeneity of the emulsion is evaluated by light microscopy.
Dr. Myriam SohnjajaBASF Grenzach GmbH
Process optimization with a focus on hot-melt extrusion

Marco Fröhlich

jajaAbbVie Deutschland GmbH & Co.KG
PBPK and PK/PD modelingDr. Thierry LavéjajaF. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd