Master's Theses in Drug Sciences

The Master's thesis (also: Master thesis) is part of the Master's program in Drug Sciences and give students the opportunity to apply and expand their learned skills within a longer, completed project in the fields of pharmaceutical research (university or industry). The focus is on the learning of independent, scientific work. In addition, students will get an insight into the work of a scientific research group. The work is carried out in the 3rd and 4th study semester and takes approx. 10 months. It is completed with a written report within this period followed by an oral examination (presentation and colloquium) within four weeks after submission of the written thesis.

External Master's Theses Projects

Research field
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Contact Supervisor
MSc PharmazieMSc Drug SciencesBemerkungen
Microfluidic tools to monitor and study microbial cellsDr. Petra JuskovaneinjaDescription
Establishment and validation of new LC-MS methods in the field of toxicologyDr. Katharina RentschneinjaDescription

Interaction of novel stimulants with the monoamine transporters in vitro

Prof. Matthias Liechti

Michael Baumann, Ph.D.

jajaWorking location: Baltimore/USA


Master's Theses in Drug Sciences

General information on the Master's Theses in Drug Sciences:

Information sheet on the written work of the Master thesis and subsequent Master thesis examination in Drug Sciences

Information Leaflet on Plagiarism/Merkblatt Plagiate Phil.-nat. (available in German only)

General information for supervisors of Master's theses in Drug Sciences
(updated: 20/03/17)

Extract from Course Guidance for further information concerning Master's Thesis and Master's Thesis Examination.

Required documents for acquiring credit points (no further registration in MOnA required):

Learning Contract for Master's Thesis
(must be filled out and signed by all the parties until beginning of the Master's Thesis at latest- original of the LC containing all the signatures remains at the Thesis supervisor!)

Assessment Master's Examination
(according to the Study regulations you must apply for the Master's examination not later than the deadline for the written Master's thesis - submit at the office of the responsible lecturer)

Declaration on Scientific Integrity  (including a Declaration on Plagiarism and Fraud)
(to be inserted into the Master's thesis work)

Important: Period of grace by the rector's office for the completion of the Master's thesis and the Master's examination up to the beginning of the ensuing semester:
Assessments/grades for degrees, which arrive at the Office of the Dean of Studies (Studiendekanat Phil.-nat.) before the beginning of the new semester (cp. semester dates) can still be counted as academic achievements in the "old" semester and students do not have to re-enroll again. After this deadline, there is no more scope and students have to enroll again (paying the whole tuition fees)!

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