Examinations and Performance assessments at the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Information for students enrolled in the Master study program of Drug Sciences

Please note: English dictionaries must not be used in examinations at the Phil.-nat. Faculty
(cp. regulations for Non-German-speaking students from the Italian und French speaking parts of Switzerland


General information

Students acquire credit points according to the European Credit Transfer System ECTS by completing course requirements (course accompanying performance assessments). In most lectures performance is assessed by means of a written exam. Students needn't register for the exam separately; course registration in their online account (MOnA) is sufficient. ECTS may also be acquired by means of a regular Learning contract (e.g., for extra curricular activities) or a specific Learning Contracts for the Master's thesis and Master examination.

Examination reviews

Students are given access to written examination papers on request (in the case of oral examinations granted for examination protocols).

The following binding deadlines apply: Written registration at the assessor (bold printed person in the online course directory) not later than 30 days after sending the confirmation by the Faculty Office of the Dean of Studies. The responsible lecturers/assessors will determine the date, organization and modalities of the examination thereafter.
Leaflet of the Phil.-Nat. Faculty on Examination reviews (Merkblatt der Phil.-nat. Fakultät zur Prüfungseinsicht, available in German only)

Electronic Assessments (iPads)

Introduction into the Assessment application BeAxi / Kurzeinführung Prüfungsapplikation BeAxi
(currently available only in German)

In addition, the software can be downloaded in iTunes for free. Further on, students get the possibility to test the application by arrangement a few weeks before the next examination session starts.