Course accompanying examinations

These are the most common examinations in the MSc Drug Sciences and usually take place at the end of a lecture or seminar series or after a practical course. These kind of examinations are graded (Swiss Grade system 1-6, 6 = max / 4 = pass) or graded «pass/fail» (according to the framework of the Faculty Phil.-Nat.). A «pass» is required in order to get the ECTS-credit point(s). Failed examinations can be repeated by registering the next time they are offered (no specific repetition examinations offered).

Students are automatically enrolled for the examination by registering the course in MOnA. If you do not wish to complete this course, you have to deregister by sending an e-mail to the responsible lecturer (assessor).

In any case, you should also pay attention to the notes in the section Assessment details in the Online course directory.