Medication Review and Drug Related Problems

Medication Review

Leader: Prof. Kurt E. Hersberger
PhD Student: Tamara Imfeld-Isenegger (since 2016)

Polymedication Check (PMC)

Since October 2010, Swiss community pharmacies can offer a PMC to patients on ≥4 prescribed drugs taken over ≥3 months whose costs are reimbursed by the health insurance. The check is focused on adherence problems. This new cognitive service conforms to the "Medicines Use Review" (MUR) designed by the NHS and can be classified as intermediate medication review.
We are evaluating the first experiences shortly after implementation, missed pharmaceutical care issues and barriers to implementation on pharmacist’s level as well as patient’s acceptance through qualitative and descriptive studies. The impact of PMC in Swiss primary Care and its economic, clinical and humanistic outcomes are investigated.

More informations on Identifier NCT01739816

Leader: Prof. Kurt E. Hersberger


Classification of Drug related Problems

Leader: Dr. Markus L. Lampert


Drug Associated Risk Assessment

Leader: Dr. Markus L. Lampert
PhD Student: Dominik Stämpfli (since 2014)