Dr. phil. II Vera Bernhardt

Teaching Postdoc

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Vera Bernhardt studied pharmacy at the University of Basel and graduated in 1988 (Federal diploma). In parallel to her PhD thesis in pharmaceutical sciences she started working as an assistant of Prof. Dr. H. H A. Linde. In 1993 she acquired her PhD. She specialized in community pharmacy and is recognized since 2005 as "Fachapothekerin FPH in Offizinpharmazie" by the Swiss Federation of Pharmacy (FPH). She worked as a chief deputy community pharmacist between 1998 and 2011 and started 2007 as teacher-practitioner at the University of Basel. In 2009 she joined the PCRG at the University of Basel as a lecturer.


Seminar "Pharmaceutical Care – Respiratory tract"
Seminar "Addiction"
Seminar "Vitamins & micronutrients"
Seminar "Allergy"

Head for federal examination, coordination of pharmaceutical care curriculum and examination