Orlando Fertig


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Orlando Fertig joined the research group of Prof. M. Hamburger at the Institute of Pharmaceutical Biology in June 2008 as a Laboratory Purchasing Manager.

Training as a chemical laboratory assistant, PHARMANALYTICA WANDER SA in Locarno

Trace analysis environment and metabolism and biological material, RCC UMWELTCHEMIE AG, Itingen (contract laboratory)

Special Analytical Service: support the research and development in organic synthesis at CARBOGEN LABORATORIES in Aarau

Trace analysis of pesticides in food chemistry, Analysis of pharmaceutical products COOP ZENTRALLABOR in Pratteln

Galenical development, Main focus: fake medicaments ROCHE BASEL

Latest Publications

Verjee, S; Garo, E; Pelaez, S; Fertig, O; Hamburger, M; Butterweck, V: Saffron flower extract promotes scratch wound closure of keratinocytes and enhances VEGF production, in: Planta Medica 83, 2017, S. 1176-1183.
Solimine, Jessica; Garo, Eliane; Wedler, Jonas; Rusanov, Krasimir; Fertig, OrlandoHamburger, Matthias; Atanassov, Ivan; Butterweck, Veronika: Tyrosinase inhibitory constituents from a polyphenol enriched fraction of rose oil distillation wastewater, in: Fitoterapia 108, 2016, S. 13-9. edoc
Rusanov, Krasimir; Garo, Eliane; Rusanova, Mila; Fertig, OrlandoHamburger, Matthias; Atanassov, Ivan; Butterweck, Veronika: Recovery of polyphenols from rose oil distillation wastewater using absorption resins - a pilot study, in: Planta medica 80, 2014, H. 17, S. 1657-1663. edoc

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