Prof. Dr. Jörg Huwyler

Head of Research Group

Office room number 2002
Pharmaceutical Technology
Klingelbergstrasse 50
CH-4056 Basel

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+41 (0)61 207 15 13
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Jörg Huwyler obtained a Ph.D. in biochemistry at the Biocenter of the University of Basel. In 1993, he joined the group of Prof. J. Drewe as a postdoctoral fellow at the University Hospital of Basel, followed by an appointment at the Brain Research Institute, UCLA School of Medicine, Los Angeles, with Prof. W.M. Pardridge. In 1998, he became deputy group leader at the Institute of Medical Research in Basel. From 1999 - 2006 he joined the pharmaceutical industry, where he worked as DMPK project leader for F. Hoffmann-La Roche in Basel, Switzerland. In 2003, he obtained an habilitation in Pharmacy. He served as Professor of Biopharmacy and Pharmaceutical Technology from 2006 - 2010 at the University of Applied Sciences (FHNW) in Basel. In 2010, he was appointed head of the Division of Pharmaceutical Technology, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Basel.

He is the author of 70 peer-reviewed original research articles and five book- and review articles and holds seven patents.

Research Awards

Amedis Award 2004 for the publication:
Schnyder, A., Krähenbühl, S., Török, M., Drewe, J. and Huwyler, J. Targeting of skeletal muscle in vitro using biotinylated immunoliposomes. Biochem. J. (2004) 377, 61-67.

Pfizer Nephrology Research Award 2007 for the publication:
Tuffin, G., Waelti, E., Huwyler, J., Hammer, C. and Marti, H.P. Immunoliposome targeting to mesangial cells: A promising strategy for specific drug delivery to the kidney. J. Am. Soc. Nephrol. (2005) 16, 3295-3305.

Latest Publications

Riede, Julia; Poller, Birk; Huwyler, Jörg; Camenisch, Gian: Assessing the Risk of Drug-Induced Cholestasis Using Unbound Intrahepatic Concentrations, in: Drug Metabolism and Disposition 45, 2017, H. 5, S. 523-531. edoc
Wagner-Hattler, Leonie; Schoelkopf, Joachim; Huwyler, JörgPuchkov, Maxim: Characterization of new Functionalized Calcium Carbonate-Polycaprolactone Composite Material for Application in Geometry-constrained Drug Release Formulation Development, in: Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy 43, 2017, H. 10, S. 1669-1676. edoc
Thalmann, Peter; Bikis, Christos; Schulz, Georg; Paleo, Pierre; Mirone, Alessandro; Rack, Alexander; Siegrist, StefanCörek, EmreHuwyler, Jörg; Müller, Bert: Conference Proceedings: Removing ring artefacts from synchrotron radiation-based hard x-ray tomography data, in: Proc. of SPIE 10391, 2017, S. 1039114-1.

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