Dr. Denise Kratschmar

Post-doctoral fellow

Office phone
+41 (0)61 207 14 86
Office fax
+41 (0)61 207 15 15

Denise Kratschmar graduated in chemistry with marketing majoring biotechnology at the University of Reutlingen (Germany) in 2005 and completed her MSc in Biomedical Engineering at the University Albstadt-Sigmaringen (Germany) in 2007. On March 1st 2008, she started her PhD thesis in the laboratory of Molecular and Systems Toxicology under the supervision of Prof. Alex Odermatt and obtained her PhD in 2011. Denise's research focuses on the investigation of the metabolic regulation of glucocorticoids and the influences of the antioxidant response pathway. She is now leading the analytical UPLC-MS facility of Molecular and Systems Toxicology. Denise is further supervising the practical training course Molecular Toxicology within the new MSc Toxicology.

Latest Publications

Tsachaki, Maria; Meyer, Arne; Weger, Benjamin; Kratschmar, Denise V.; Tokarz, Janina; Adamski, Jerzy; Belting, Heinz-Georg; Affolter, Markus; Dickmeis, Thomas; Odermatt, Alex: Absence of 11-keto reduction of cortisone and 11-ketotestosterone in the model organism zebrafish, in: Journal of Endocrinology 232, 2017, H. 2, S. 323-335. edoc
Araya, Selene; Kratschmar, Denise V.; Tsachaki, Maria; Stücheli, Simon; Beck, Katharina R.; Odermatt, Alex: DHRS7 (SDR34C1) - A new player in the regulation of androgen receptor function by inactivation of 5α-dihydrotestosterone? in: Journal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 171, 2017, S. 288-295. edoc
Bonifacio, Annalisa; Sanvee, Gerda M.; Brecht, Karin; Kratschmar, Denise V.; Odermatt, AlexBouitbir, JamalKrähenbühl, Stephan: IGF-1 prevents simvastatin-induced myotoxicity in C2C12 myotubes, in: Archives of Toxicology 91, 2017, H. 5, S. 2223-2234. edoc

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