Dr. Carla Meyer-Massetti

Research Associate

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+41 (0)78 680 97 14

Dr. Carla Meyer-Massetti, born in Lucerne (Switzerland), studied Pharmacy in Basel and graduated in 2001. Through various positions in hospital and public pharmacies as well as in the pharmaceutical industry, she obtained her specialization in hospital pharmacy (FPH) in 2006. Concurrently, she was teaching pharmacology at the school of nursing in Basel as well as clinical nutrition for pharmacy students and postgraduate pharmacists.

In 2011, she completed a joint PhD thesis in medication safety at the University of California San Francisco, Department of Clinical Pharmacy (Prof. B. Joseph Guglielmo) and the University of Basel, Department of Clinical Pharmacy & Epidemiology (Prof. Dr. Christoph Meier). She spent her last year working on the thesis while she already returned back to Switzerland; in 2010, she joined the Swiss Patient Safety Foundation as a medication safety specialist. From 2012 until 2016, she worked as a medication safety pharmacist at the Cantonal Hospital of Lucerne.

Since July 2016, she is responsible for a research project analyzing medication safety in the home care setting with a focus on transition of care. She supervises various Master theses in the Division of Clinical Pharmacy & Epidemiology at the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, and she teaches medication safety-related topics in various settings. To keep informed about medication safety developments in hospitals in Europe and abroad, she is an active member of the Swiss Society of Public Health Administration and Hospital Pharmacists (GSASA), of the European Society for Clinical Pharmacy (ESCP), and of the American College of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP).


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Contribution: Contribution to the compilation of the electronic questionnaire, interpretation of the results and literature research, co-authoring manuscript.

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Contribution: Data collection/literature research and analysis, co-authoring publication.

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Contribution: Data collection and analysis, co-authoring publication.



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