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Fahimeh Moradi obtained a PharmD at Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences in 2006 (Iran). For the research activities during her studies she obtained the Youth Award of Excellence 2006 (Youth National Organization). She followed her research interests in the field of Pharmacognosy at Tehran University of Medical Sciences (2006-2012, Iran) which yielded several publications in peer reviewed journals. Fahimeh was a visiting scientist at the Institute of Pharmaceutical Biology/University of Basel for one year and in March 2014 she joined the research group as a PhD student.

Latest Publications

Moradi-Afrapoli, F; Ebrahimi, SN; Smiesko, M; Hamburger, M: HPLC-based activity profiling for GABAA receptor modulators in extracts - validation of an approach utilizing a larval zebrafish locomotor assay, in: Journal of Natural Products 80, 2017, S. 1548-1557.
Moradi-Afrapoli, F; van der Merve, H; De Mieri, M; Wilhelm, A; Stadler, M; Zietsman, PC; Hering, S; Swart, K; Hamburger, M: HPLC-based activity profiling for GABAA receptor modulators in Searsia pyroides using a larval zebrafish locomotor assay, in: Planta Medica 83, 2017, S. 1169-1175.
Jähne, E. A.; Eigenmann, D. E.; Moradi-Afrapoli, F.; Verjee, S.; Butterweck, V.; Hebeisen, S.; Hettich, T.; Schlotterbeck, G.; Smiesko, MartinHamburger, MatthiasOufir, Mouhssin: Caco-2 permeability studies and hERG liability assessment of tryptanthrin and indolinone, in: Planta Medica 82, 2016, H. 13, S. 1192-201. edoc

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