PD Dr. Olivier Potterat

Senior Research Scientist

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+41 (0)61 207 15 34
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+41 (0)61 207 14 74

Olivier Potterat joined the research group in March 2005 coming from Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma, where he was in charge of the natural product laboratory for seven years, successively in Vienna (Austria) and Biberach/Riss (Germany). Olivier Potterat has a license of biology of the University of Lausanne, where he further obtained his PhD in 1991 at the Institute of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry under the direction of Prof. K. Hostettmann. After a two and an half year post-doc with Prof. Zähner at the University of Tübingen (Germany), he held different teaching and research positions at the University of Lausanne and was appointed as Assistant Professor at the Department of Pharmacy from 1995 to 1998.

Other activities

Senior Editor Chemistry & Biodiversity (Helvetica Chimica Acta Verlag),
Advisory Board Member Helvetica Chimica Acta.

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Latest Publications

Corradi, E; Schmidt, N; Räber, N; De Mieri, M; Hamburger, M; Butterweck, V; Potterat; O: Metabolite profile and antiproliferative effects in HaCaT cells of a Salix reticulata extract, in: Planta Medica 83, 2017, S. 1149-1158.
Corradi, E.; De Mieri, M.; Gafner, F.; Hamburger, MatthiasPotterat, Olivier: A new secoiridoid glucoside, and a metabolite profile of Scabiosa lucida, in: Natural Product Communications 11, 2016, H. 7, S. 887-890. edoc
Fürer, K.; Simões-Wüst, A. P.; von Mandach, U.; Hamburger, MatthiasPotterat, Olivier: Bryophyllum pinnatum, and related species used in anthroposophic medicine: Constituents, pharmacological activities and clinical efficacy, in: Planta Medica 82, 2016, H. 11-12, S. 930-41. edoc

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