Christoph Sager

PhD student

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Christoph Sager received his MSc in August 2012 from the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Basel. His Master thesis entitled "Rational drug design of glycomimetics on the Siglec-9 receptor" was completed under the supervision of Prof. Angelo Vedani and Prof. Beat Ernst. In October 2012, he joined the very groups for a PhD project focused on drug-discovery at ligand-protein interfaces of lectins with particular reference to fragment-based docking approaches.

Latest Publications

Pang, Lijuan; Bezençon, Jacqueline; Kleeb, Simon; Rabbani, Said; Sigl, Anja; Smiesko, Martin; Sager, Christoph P; Eris, Deniz; Schwardt, Oliver; Ernst, Beat: FimH antagonists - solubility vs permeability, in: Ratuer, AP; Lindhorst, T; Queneau, Y (Hg.): Carbohydrate Chemistry, 42, London 2017 (= 42), S. 248-273.
Mayer, Katharina; Eris, Deniz; Schwardt, Oliver; Sager, Christoph P.; Rabbani, Said; Kleeb, Simon; Ernst, Beat: Urinary Tract Infection: Which Conformation of the Bacterial Lectin FimH Is Therapeutically Relevant? in: Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 60, 2017, H. 13, S. 5646-5662. edoc

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