PD Dr. Martin Smiesko

Group leader Molecular Modeling

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Martin Smiesko graduated in medicinal chemistry from the Faculty of Pharmacy of Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovakia in 1999. In 2003 he obtained his PhD. at the same university with his thesis focusing on Molecular Modeling of ACE inhibitors. During the course of his PhD. Martin also stayed for three months at the Pharmaceutical Institute of University of Vienna, where he worked in the laboratory of Prof. Gerhard Ecker on the development of QSAR models for multidrug resistance inhibitors. From 2003 to 2005 he worked as a post-doctoral fellow in Dr. Emilio Benfenati’s group at the Institute of Pharmacological Research "Mario Negri" in Milano, Italy, where he worked on the development of QSAR models for ecotoxicology. Then he spent one year working on the development of cholic acid-based receptors for chiral separations at biotech company anterio consult & research in Mannheim, Germany. In September 2006 Martin joined the group of Prof. Angelo Vedani at the Institute of Molecular Pharmacy at the University of Basel as a research associate. In April 2014 he received the "Habilitation" and was promoted to "Privatdozent" (Senior Lecturer) in the field of Computer-Aided Drug Discovery and Toxicology.

Latest Publications

Guccione, C; Oufir, M; Piazzini, V; Eigenmann, DE; Jähne, EA; Zabela, V; Faleschini, MT; Bergonzi, MC; Smiesko, M; Hamburger, M; Bilia, AR: Andrographolide-loaded nanoparticles for brain delivery: formulation, charcterization and in vitro permeability using hCMEC/D3 cell line, in: Eur. J. Pharm. Biopharm. 119, 2017, S. 253-263.
Navarra, Giulio; Zihlmann, Pascal; Jakob, Roman P.; Stangier, Katia; Preston, Roland C.; Rabbani, SaidSmiesko, Martin; Wagner, Bea; Maier, Timm; Ernst, Beat: Carbohydrate-Lectin Interactions - An Unexpected Contribution to Affinity, in: ChemBioChem 18, 2017, H. 6, S. 539-544. edoc
Pang, Lijuan; Bezençon, Jacqueline; Kleeb, Simon; Rabbani, Said; Sigl, Anja; Smiesko, Martin; Sager, Christoph P; Eris, Deniz; Schwardt, Oliver; Ernst, Beat: FimH antagonists - solubility vs permeability, in: Ratuer, AP; Lindhorst, T; Queneau, Y (Hg.): Carbohydrate Chemistry, 42, London 2017 (= 42), S. 248-273.

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