Dr. Julia Spöndlin

Research Associate

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+41 (0)61 556 56 14
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+41 (0)61 265 32 75

Julia Spöndlin studied Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Basel (Switzerland), and graduated with an MSc in Pharmacy / Swiss Federal Pharmacist's Diploma in summer 2009. After working at a community pharmacy for a few months, she started her PhD at the Basel Pharmacoepidemiology Unit in January 2010, from which she graduated in September2013. After completion of her PhD she attended a 2-month course on Public Health in Boston at the Harvard School of Public Health (USA). Alongside her PhD she joined a trainee program to specialize in clinical pharmacy at the hospital pharmacy of the University Hospital Basel. She graduated in November 2013 with an FPH-Diploma in clinical pharmacy. She has been undertaking a post-doc position at the Basel Pharmacoepidemiology Unit since September 2013. The current focus of her research is on epidemiologic studies in the field of dermatology (projects on rosacea, Stevens-Johnson Syndrome) and on drug-induced tendinopathies.

Latest Publications

Spoendlin, Julia; Karatas, Güllistan; Furlano, Raoul I.; Jick, Susan S.; Meier, Christoph R.: Rosacea in Patients with Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn's Disease: a Population-based Case-control Study, in: Inflammatory Bowel Diseases 22, 2016, H. 3, S. 680-7. edoc
Spoendlin, Julia; Meier, Christian; Jick, Susan S; Meier, Christoph R: Oral and inhaled glucocorticoid use and risk of Achilles or biceps tendon rupture: a population-based case-control study, in: Annals of medicine 47, 2015, H. 6, S. 492-8. edoc
Spoendlin, Julia; Voegel, Johannes J; Jick, Susan S; Meier, Christoph R: Migraine, triptans, and the risk of developing rosacea : a population-based study within the United Kingdom, in: Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology 69, 2013, H. 3, S. 399-406. edoc

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