Dominik Stämpfli

PhD Student

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Dominik Stämpfli studied Pharmaceutical Sciences (B. Sc.) and Pharmacy (M. Sc) at the University of Basel and obtained the federal diploma as a pharmacist in 2013. For the following six months he edited spontaneous reports of severe adverse drug reactions as an intern of the Regional Pharmacovigilance Centre in Basel, headed by Dr. Alexandra Rätz-Bravo. In July 2014 he joined the Pharmaceutical Care Research Group of Prof. Dr. Kurt E. Hersberger at the University of Basel to start his PhD-thesis with main focus on the validation of a screening tool, which assesses the individual risk of hospitalised patients to experience drug-related problems. Accompanying his PhD-thesis, he is receiving further education in Clinical Pharmacy at the Kantonsspital Baselland under the supervision of Andrea Studer and Dr. Markus L. Lampert. Dominik Stämpfli regularly works in the emergency pharmacy of Basel (Notfall-Apotheke Basel) to stay in touch with the daily tasks of a community pharmacist.