Dr. Julien Arthur Allard
Assistent / PostDoc
Julien Arthur Allard
Philosophisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät
Departement Pharmazeutische Wissenschaften
Molekular- und Systemtoxikologie

Assistent / PostDoc

Klingelbergstrasse 50
4056 Basel

Tel. +41 61 207 22 32

Julien Allard graduated in Biomedicine at Paris Descartes University and did a Master 2 in clinical and preclinical pharmacology, then a Master 2 in human toxicology at Paris-Saclay University (France). He obtained his PhD in Toxicology in 2020 at Rennes University (France). He investigated mechanisms of drug-induced hepatic steatosis, including mitochondrial β-oxidation, de novo lipogenesis and lipid secretion. In February 2021, he started a postdoc at the Molecular and Systems Toxicology group, where he is investigating functional interactions between xenobiotics and steroids, oxysterols and bile acids. The goal is elucidate molecular mechanisms of adverse effects of xenobiotics in the liver and potential use of sterol molecules as functional biomarkers.