Studies on the role of OATP2B1 in pharmacology and physiology

OATP2B1 (SLCO2B1, formerly OATP-B) is a member of the Organic Anion Transporting Polypeptide family of drug transporters. OATP2B1 is a membrane protein that facilitates cellular entry of its substrates and is ubiquitously expressed in the human organism. Its high abundance in intestine, liver and kidney is assumed to influence the handling of its substrates in these organs of pharmacokinetic relevance. However, even if it was first described in 2000 - its in vivo role still remains to be determined.

In the past, we have conducted multiple studies on the expression and function of OATP2B1 [1,2]. Within those studies we have identified substrates [6, 4]. Moreover we were able to describe mechanisms modifying its transcription [4] and mechanisms modifying its activity (post-transcriptional interaction with PDZK1) [5], whereby linking OATP2B1 more and more to other functions, but drug transport.

Within our ongoing research program on OATP2B1, we are focusing on the impact of this modulator of cellular entry on the pharmacology and physiology.


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