Aktuelle Masterarbeitsthemen der Forschungsgruppe Computational Pharmacy
Current Master's Theses-Projects of the Research Group Computational Pharmacy


Research Field
Kontakt Betreuer/in
Contact Supervisor
MSc PharmazieMSc Drug SciencesBemerkungen
Small Molecule Drug Development: Bridging Computational and Experimental ApproachesDr. Peter Rüthemann
Prof. Dr. Martin Smieško
yesyesProject description
Cooperation with Molecular Pharmacy group. Open to internal and external students.
Deep Generative models in Drug and Molecular SciencesJustin Diamondnoyes 
Investigation of structural properties of novel human dehydrogenaseProf. Dr. Martin Smieškonoyes 
Investigating conformational changes of peptidesRoman Aschwandennoyes 
From in silico to in vitro: Predicting new peptide inhibitors and testing binding affinity with established assays.Roman Aschwanden
Prof. Dr. Martin Smieško
Stephanie Vogt
Prof. Dr. Daniel Ricklin
noyesCooperation with Molecular Pharmacy group, Prof. Dr. Daniel Ricklin
Generation of novel small molecule inhibitors based on small cyclic peptidesProf. Dr. Martin Smieškoyesyes 
Towards a Closed Loop System for the Design, Synthesis and Evaluation of Peptide-Based Serine Protease InhibitorsProf. Dr. Markus LillyesyesCooperation with Computational Pharmacy group, Prof. Dr. Daniel Ricklin
Using artificial intelligence for next generation modeling of protein-ligand interactions  

Prof. Dr. Markus Lill
Dr. Amr Abdallah

Exploring the accuracy of various docking methods for off-target predictionProf. Dr. Martin Smieškoyesyes 
Development of methods and models for off-target binding predictionProf. Dr. Martin Smieškoyesyes