Aktuelle Masterarbeitsthemen der Forschungsgruppe Pharmazeutische Technologie
Current Master's Theses-Projects of the Research Group in Pharmaceutical Technology


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Reconstruction and image analysis of time-resolved µCT (micro computed tomography) data

Are you interested in dealing with vast amounts of scientific image data? This project involves both the reconstruction and analysis of µCT raw data using artificial intelligence. Some experience with Linux and/or programming would come in handy, but is not required.

Samuel Waldnerneinja

Zebrafish embryo as a colourful in vivo model to study renal functions

Did you know that zebrafish embryos (ZFE) are a stunning and novel in vivo model to investigate kidney function, mainly glomerular filtration, renal secretion and reabsorption via drug transporter? This, although the tiny ZFE has a diameter of approx. just 1-2mm (1-5 days post-fertilization) and is not even visible by eyes?

We are looking for a motivated master student to further investigate ZFE as a nephrotoxic in vivo model. The project will include mainly performing i.v. injections, confocal microscopy and image editing software to assess nephrotoxic drugs' effect on kidney function in fluorescent transgenic ZFE lines.

X-ray tomography visualization of a 3 days post fertilized ZFE from a previous paper of our group is linked here: http://zebrafish.pharma-te.ch/ to give you a rough impression about ZFE.

Further information can be provided upon request.

Jan Boltenjaja

Development of controlled release pellets applying innovative palletization technologies

Are you interested in solid oral dosage forms? Working in a young team of scientists with innovative and challenging technologies?

We are looking for a motivated master student for the development and optimization of a palletization and coating process.

You will work with an innovative continuous fluid bed technology for the production of highly drug loaded spheres. These will subsequently be coated with functional polymers to obtain defined dissolution profiles. The pellets will be physically and chemically characterized applying new or established analytical methods.
Mirko NowakjajaGlatt Pharmaceutical Services GmbH & Co. KG
Process optimization with a focus on hot-melt extrusion

Marco Fröhlich

jajaAbbVie Deutschland GmbH & Co.KG