Aktuelle Masterarbeitsthemen der Forschungsgruppe Pharmazeutische Biologie
Current Master's Theses-Projects of the Research Group in Pharmaceutical Biology


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Metabolite profiling of Hibiscol®, a food supplement containing chokeberry and hibiscus extracts

Hibiscol® is a food supplement developed by the company Phamalp which is proposed for promoting cardiovascular health. The product contains extracts of chokeberry (Aronia melanocarpa) and hibiscus (Hibiscus sabdariffa) together with vitamin B1. In the course of this Master thesis a detailed polyphenolic profile of this product should be established to serve as reference data for future clinical studies. This Master thesis is a contribution to a collaborative project of the Division of Pharmaceutical Biology of the University of Basel, the HES-SO-VS, Unisanté, and the company Pharmalp aiming at the further development of polyphenol-rich products for cardiac health.

Methods: HPLC-MS, various chromatographic techniques for the isolation of natural products, NMR for structural characterization of isolated compounds

Prof. O. PotteratJaNein 

No longer available

Isolation of bufadienolides from Bryophyllum pinnatum and B. daigremontianum

Prof. O. Potteratjanein 

No longer available

Identifying Natural products inhibiting the mTOR Complex1 (mTORC1) 

Dr. E. Garojanein 

No longer available

Zwischen Futter und Arznei - das Potential wirkstoffreicher Grünlandpflanzen der Alpenregion zur Steigerung der Resilienz von Wiederkäuern

Florian Leiber und Michael Walkenhorstja 

Systematische Literaturarbeit

Arbeitsort: Forschungsinstitut für biologischen Landbau (FiBL), Frick

No longer available

Protective effects of polyamines and/or wheat germ extract on mitochondrial activity and viability in an Alzheimer’s disease cell culture model

Prof. Anne Eckertjaja