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Strategic aspects for the commercialization of nanomedicines


The projected growth of the nanomedicine market mirrors the increase in commercial interest and investment in the field. Yet, amidst this optimism, research efforts have often been geared towards developing innovative materials, and less on bringing these innovations to market. In this article, we present a strategic approach of ‘commercialization by design’ to overcome various challenges related to commercialization. This approach shifts the focus from materials-centric development to one driven by market demands, evaluating nanomedicines considering factors like reimbursement restrictions and unmet medical needs, and aiming to generate robust evidence for regulatory authorities, Health Technology Assessment bodies and Payers alike. We highlight the linkages from the market backwards to the preclinical phase, where nanomedicines are tailored to specific clinician-identified requirements. Transitioning from a technology ‘push’ model to one with market ‘pull’ will enhance the commercial success of nanomedicines. Read more