Department Management

The department management consists of the head of the department, the executive manager, and the study coordinator. In their respective roles, the members of the department management support the entire department in its core tasks of research and education.

Head of Department

Executive Manager

Study Coordinator

The administrative assistants are responsible for the overall administrative support of the research group leader and the associated team in the context of teaching, research and project work. In addition, they assume higher-level administrative tasks within the scope of the department's independent administration.

The study coordination assistants are responsible for the administrative aspects of teaching operations. They form an interface between lecturers, students and central units at the faculty and university level.

The decentralized HR is the link between the department and the central HR units of the university. It supports the department’s HR processes incl. teaching assignments.

The employees of the central services ensure that the research group and internship operations can be carried out in technical and organizational terms. This also includes the management of the glassware washing and sterilization team in the Pharmacenter.

Lab Course Coordination