Please note, program language is German

The pharmaceutical sciences are concerned with the development, production, mode of action and application of drugs.

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The bachelor's programme usually takes three years. The one-year basic studies and the first year of the advanced studies convey scientific and biomedical basics in lectures, exercises and practical courses.  In addition to mathematics, physics, biology, inorganic, organic and physical chemistry as well as anatomy and physiology, an introduction to the pharmaceutical sciences is provided.

The 2nd year of the postgraduate course imparts knowledge and skills about the entire network "Pharmaceuticals" from the origin of the substances to their application. It is about:

  • Drug Discovery
  • Pharmaceutical analytics
  • drug uptake, transport and distribution in the body
  • Formulation, manufacture and quality assurance of the pharmaceutical form
  • drug action, metabolism and toxicity
  • drug use and safety

In addition, the aim of the Bachelor's program is to familiarise students with scientific working techniques. Furthermore, students are taught  soft skills. 

Ideally before the start of the course, but at the latest by the end of the bachelor's degree, students must complete a traineeship at a Pharmacy (i.e. “Famulatur").

It is only possible to begin the Bachelor's program in the autumn semester. Program language is German.