Teaching activities of the Molecular Pharmacy group

Research and teaching have to go hand in hand, especially in a such a highly applied field as Pharmaceutical Sciences. The Molecular Pharmacy group is therefore enthusiastically involved in the education of students and young professionals alike. With a strong focus on aspects of drug discovery, pharmaceutical analytics, and molecular mechanisms of drug action, our teaching activities cover all stages of pharmaceutical education from bachelor and master studies to PhD programs. Alongside lectures and seminars, we also organize practical courses that allow students to design, synthesize and evaluate drug candidates, and we typically host or co-supervise 10-15 master students per year from both master programs of the department. Finally, our PhD students and postdocs not only sharpen their scientific skills and foster their own education but actively participate in the teaching of undergraduate students.

By combining basic and applied topics, facilitate student insight into practical research, and involving lecturers from pharmaceutical industry, we aim to provide a scientific education that fosters a smooth transition into a professional career.

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