Lively Medicine

In 2021, the Translational Complementary Medicine Group started to collaborate with Lucas Buchholz to design new sustainable medicinal system concepts. Buchholz is an author, consultant and filmmaker who shows people, organisations and companies how to co-create a world that supports a regenerative, active and lively way of life.
In many areas of society, the question of future viability is being raised, and calls for deep transformation, change of consciousness and paradigm shifts are becoming more frequent. We believe that it is worthwhile to examine indigenous perspective as a possible solution and space of consciousness. Moreover, since many of the essential aspects of future medicine are still alive in indigenous communities, this approach would allow us to rediscover our own roots.
For us, Lively Medicine is not a goal to be achieved but a living organism in the process of becoming. It is not a matter of optimising the medicine of the past but of questioning previous approaches and concepts, examining their future viability and, above all, combining them in new life-friendly way.
To achieve a utopia of Lively Medicine, we would like to explore the synthesis of original (indigenous) wisdom and modern Western approaches. First, we wrote a hypothesis statement on sustainable medicine that is available on our homepage. Further on, we will collect the views about sustainable medicine of indigenous peoples in first explorative field trips, check our hypotheses and explore the underlying principles of contemporary and practical areas of application of sustainable medicine. We will examine lived experiences and approaches and analyse them. Second, we will collect data and impressions on how living medicine has been used in specific contexts and use systemic and implementation-oriented contextualisation to embed various examples in popular scientific and scientific articles.

Along with future-proof perspectives, we will pay special attention to the skills needed to develop a future-proof medicine. It is essential to start this process by exploring and balancing one’s own internal ecosystem. Such a transformation of our beings can alter our thoughts and actions and serve as a gateway to a regeneration of the world and its ecosystems. Furthermore, it is not enough to apply medicine when we are sick; we must understand health as a constant, connected and holistic process.
If we assume that life represents the strongest force in the universe and always prevails, we have to open up ourselves to a living organic being. We have to allow ourselves a certain amount of not-knowing and the associated joy of experimentation. Therefore, we do not intend to improve modern medicine by pursuing the concepts of ‘higher, faster [or] further’. Instead, we plan to invite and contribute to the emergence of Lively Medicine.
Since healing mankind means healing the Earth and healing the Earth means healing mankind.

Please find Thesis paper Lively Medicine here.