Assessments and credit points

Dictionary Use During Exams

Decision of the Curriculum's Committee, 27.5.2013 for exams taken at the Faculty of Sciences in German: All non-German natives are allowed a bilingual dictionary during exams. Monolingual dictionaries may be permitted by the lecturers, but may be subject to special conditions.


General Information

Students acquire credit points according to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) on the basis of controlled study achievements. These are either in the form of exams (main lectures), continuous (or course accompanying performance) assessments (lectures, seminars, internships), or performance assessments specified in learning contracts (see framework regulations for bachelor program and the framework regulations for master program of the Faculty of Natural Sciences). Students must register for courses for which they wish to acquire credits and register for exams.

Examination Review

Students are permitted to review their examination results, or the minutes taken during an oral examination. 

The following deadline must be kept:

Written registration with the assessor no later than 30 days after the evaluation has been sent by the Dean of Studies of the Faculty of Science. The responsible lecturers will then determine the date, organisation and modalities of the examination inspection.

Information leaflet of the Faculty of Science on the inspection of examinations


Some examinations are conducted electronically on iPads. We use the examination software "BeAxi" for this.

Click here for a short introduction to the BeAxi exam application (German)

The software can also be downloaded free of charge from the AppStore for practice purposes. If you like to test the BeAxi software please contact the study coordination.