Recognition of previously completed courses

The recognition of courses is not automatic, but is granted upon written request to the Phil.-nat. Faculty. The Faculty of Sciences recognizes academic achievements if the their content closely matches content of mandory courses within your study program at  the University of Basel.

Please include the following information in your request to the faculty: Confirmation of successful participation, indication of the number of credit points and scope, description of the course. Recognition will be granted after consultation with the lecturers responsible for the course, subject to the support of the Teaching Commission and the Examination Commission of the Faculty of Science.

Credit points may also be recognised in the elecitves module if they do not correspond to any of the mandatory courses.

Recognition takes place either in the form of a transfer or a waiver. 

Transfer or Waiver?

Transfer: In the of a transfer, previously aqcuired credits and grades are transferred. The requirements for graduation are not reduced, but the credit points are marked as “recognised”/“anerkannt".

Waiver: If the credits have not been acquired according to ECTS or have already been used in a degree, the recognition of the credits is issued as a waiver “Erlass". This means that no credit points are transferred, but that students have to acquire fewer credit points for the degree. The individual requirement profiles of the students are adjusted accordingly.