Possible coronavirus drug: university pharmacists produce generic medication

In response to a lack of potential coronavirus medications on the market, pharmacists from the University of Basel have begun to produce tablets themselves. Chronic patients, among others, could benefit from this.

Call to pharmacy students to support pharmacies

Support of Swiss pharmacy students needed in the context of the current Corona situation.
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Virtual screening for active substances against the coronavirus

The University of Basel is part of the global search for a drug to fight the rampant coronavirus. Researchers in the Computational Pharmacy group have so far virtually tested almost 700 million substances, targeting a specific site on the…
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Well-attended Annual Research Meeting (ARM)

On 30.01.2020, the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences welcomed over 180 participants to the annual ARM. After the exciting keynote by Prof. med. T. Szucs on the topic "Funding Costly Innovations - Challenges and Opportunities", the focus…
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Basel erhält das Chemical Landmark zu Ehren von Paracelsus

Der Schweizer Arzt und Alchemist Paracelsus revolutionierte die Medizin und ist ein Wegbereiter der modernen Biochemie. Vor fast fünfhundert Jahren praktizierte und lehrte er in der Stadt Basel. Das Haus Zum Vorderen Sessel, wo Paracelsus…
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Stefan Mühlebach erhält Ehrendoktor der Semmelweis-Universität

Die ungarische Semmelweis-Universität hat Prof. Stefan Mühlebach, Titularprofessor für Pharmakologie und Spitalmedizin an der Universität Basel, die Ehrendoktorwürde verliehen.


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