Aktuelle Masterarbeitsthemen der Forschungsgruppe Molekulare Pharmazie
Current Master's Theses-Projects of the Research Group in Molecular Pharmacy


Research Field
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MSc PharmazieMSc Drug SciencesBemerkungen
Towards a Closed Loop System for the Design, Synthesis and Evaluation of Peptide-Based Serine Protease InhibitorsProf. Dr. Daniel RicklinjajaCooperation with Computational Pharmacy group, Prof. Dr. Markus Lill
Development of Carbohydrate-based Mimics as Ligands for Complement-related LectinsPD Dr. Oliver SchwardtjajaThe research project involves design, synthesis, and in vitro evaluation in collaboration with PD Dr. Martin Smiesko and PD Dr. Said Rabbani.

Synthesis and development of carbohydrate-based molecules to reduce pathogen virulence

Dr. Rachel Heveyjaja 

Design, synthesis, and evaluation of carbohydrate-based modulators of host defense

Dr. Rachel Heveyjaja 
Protection of transplants and biomaterial from immune attack: development of model systems and therapeutic strategies.Dr. Ekaterina Umnyakovajaja 
Development of novel complement initiation inhibitors derived from parasites to attenuate immune response. Aleksandra BlagojevicjajaProject description
For external and internal students.
Design, synthesis and in vitro evaluation of peptidic complement inhibitors of the compstatin family with improved target and species binding properties.Stephanie Vogtjaja 

no longer available
Protein engineering for the development of parasite-derived inhibitors of the complement system. Projects include immunogenicity analysis, characterisation of post-translational modifications and protein expression.

Dr. Peter Rüthemann  Project description
no longer available
Cloning, expression, purification and evaluation of therapeutically relevant proteins involved in the modulation of immune and inflammatory responses.
PD Dr. Said Rabbani  Project description
no longer available
Preparation of protein-based targets and modulators of the innate immune system and their evaluation in bioassays.
PD Dr. Said Rabbani   
no longer available
Synthesis and biological evaluation of antiviral compounds
Dr. Butrint Aliujaja 
no longer available
Synthesis and development of glycopolymers for treating blood group-incompatible transplantations
Dr. Rachel HeveyjajaCollaboration with University Start-up Polyneuron Pharmaceuticals AG
no longer available
Evaluation of physiological or therapeutic immune modulators of the complement/coagulation system.
Dr. Richard Pouwjaja 
no longer available
In vitro assessment of glycopolymers for enabling blood group-incompatible transplantations
Dr. Rachel HeveyjajaCollaboration with University Start-up Polyneuron Pharmaceuticals AG

no longer available
Point-of-Care-Diagnostics for Preeclampsia (Development of sensitive, antibody-based in-vitro diagnostic rapid tests)

Prof. Dr. Daniel RicklinneinjaExternal master’s thesis with MOMM Diagnostics GmbH and FHNW. Preferred project start in August 2021 or earlier;
first contact Prof. Dr. Daniel Ricklin
no longer available
Removal of autoantibodies against glycans - Biological and biophysical characterization of autoantibody-glycopolymer complexes
Butrint AliujajaCollaboration with University Start-up Polyneuron Pharmaceuticals AG; 
no longer available
Novel Anti-Inflammatories: Identification of Selectin Antagonists by a Dynamic Combinatorial Chemistry Approach
Prof. em. Dr. Beat Ernstjajapreferred MSc Drug Sciences
no longer available
Evaluation and Summarization Praktikum
PD Dr. Oliver Schwardtjaja 

no longer available
Development of a new class of radiopharmaceuticals for diagnosis and therapy of CXCR4-expressing malignancies

Prof. Dr. Daniel RicklinjajaCollaboration with Universitätsspital Basel
Project description
no longer available
Establishment and validation of a Mannan-induced psoriasis arthritis-like disease model in mice
Prof. Dr. Daniel RicklinneinjaMasterthesis with Idorsia; first contact Prof. Dr. Daniel Ricklin